The pillars of reconstruction

The spirit of our Consortium is to operate in order to increase the technical and commercial capability of the partners. Our aim is to support the companies local planners development by using the structured synergy with over local bigger and more qualificated companies, in a balanced system of work that cares about the community needs.

We are promoters of pilot plans, called “Laboratori Urbani”, that will be started in neighborhoods, construction compartments, urban centers; the Laboratori Urbani, suggested as a tool of mediation between citizens, companies, planners and Local Administrators, allow quality jump towards the partecipate rebuilding that represents the true opportunity in order to give to our city the economic and cultural leap that it needs.

Technology, ethics and sustainability

The attention to technological innovation leads us in every choice we make, starting with research for seismic security up to the suggestion of using eco-friends methods and sustainable technologies for the energetic save (saving and producing with renewable sources).

We are working on our ethic and environmental certification.

We are characterized by the extreme strictness we impose during the plannig stage and while listening to our clients needs, with whom we interact in order to find adequate and specific solutions.